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[11.01.99] » Ties to original Chrono Trigger, Radical Dreamers elucidated. (Possible spoilers.)

   Recently released Chrono Cross story information is sure to entice gamers' appetites. Most importantly, Chrono Cross is shaping up to have strong ties to the original Chrono Trigger and the Satellaview-only (Nintendo's Japanese downloadable game software program) title "Radical Dreamers," and to not be as unrelated as previously thought.

   After the events of Chrono Trigger, Lucca sets up an orphanage for less-fortunate children, where she continues her research and inventing. One day, a fire engulfs the orphanage, and Serge runs in to save Lucca and the children. Unfortunately, Lucca has disappeared, and only her glasses remain. Was she captured? Kidnapped? Or merely whisked away by her own invention? Serge will have to investigate during the game.

   This new detail explains the enigmatic the crayon drawings of the original Chrono Trigger cast seen in the demo, especially the drawing of Lucca labelled "oneechan" or "(older) sister." This general term of affection is often used by younger children with older, more mature females. As Lucca is running an orphanage, the children would almost undoubtedly refer to her as "Sis."

   Moreover, the character of Kid is referred to in Radical Dreamers as Lucca's "younger sister." As Lucca Chrono Trigger was, in Chrono Trigger, apparently an only child, it is likely that Kid is one of the children from Lucca's orphanage.

   As previously revealed, the story of Chrono Cross will involve both parallel worlds and time travel, suggesting at least two (perhaps more) versions of each area and time zone. The Frozen Flame (Chrono Cross' defacto "icon") is a legendary object rumored to cast the holders' fondest wish--at a price. Even so, many devote their lives to searching for it....

   Additionally, the legendary GrandLeon sword (Masamune in the English Chrono Trigger) has fallen into evil hands. This legendary sword takes the character of whomever wields it. Its previous owner, Glenn, was fortunately pure of heart; its current owner is not as honorable. Only the Elrazak Dragon Sword can defeat the GrandLeon in battle, but its location is currently unknown.

   Finally, Lucca and Queen Marle (formerly Princess Marle) are confirmed to be returning, and other Chrono Trigger characters are likely to make cameos.

   (Radical Dreamers, for those unfamiliar with it, was a Satellaview-only text adventure featuring the characters of Chrono Cross. It is told from the perspective of Serge's diary, as read by one of Serge's grandchildren. The story of Kid, Yamaneko, Serge, and the Frozen Flame is all contained within. This has led many Japanese gamers to view Chrono Cross as a Radical Dreamers remake, and not a true "sequel" to Chrono Trigger. Chrono Cross may just be the world's largest gaiden (side story), and not a continuation of a Chrono "series.")

   Thanks to Taisho-sama for his help with the story.

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