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[11.16.99] » Chrono Cross begins arriving in the hands of fortunate importers, while a number of new character and story details are revealed. (Potential spoilers.)

   We're received confirmed reports that Chrono Cross has now hit import distribution channels, and has even been delivered to many customers ahead of the Japanese release date. To celebrate, thanks to Magic Box, more detailed translations from Square's Chrono Cross homepage have emerged. Unsurprisingly, Chrono Cross will include PocketStation support; judging by recent trends, Square will likely keep the support in the US version for gamers willing to import Sony's handheld gizmo.

   Second, the relationship between the two primary dimensions in Chrono Cross has been clarified. Running parallel to one another are two worlds: a "positive" world and a "negative" world. Much like the Dark World in Zelda: A Link to the Past, the negative world will consist of a much "darker" environment; several characters will even change dramatically in personality from one world to the next. One such character to undergo a dramatic change is seemingly none other than Serge, as seen in this screen shot visible during one single frame of Square's Chrono Cross trailer. Could the cult figure Lucky Dan become "Unlucky Dan" in the alternate world? (Without his good fortune, Unlucky Dan would likely self-incinerate before long.)

   The translation also reveals a number of new background details for the recently-unveiled characters, plus a few previously-seen party members:

  • Orlha: Doubles as proprietor of a bar and a brawler. Orlha remains nearly identical in both of Chrono Cross' dimensions. In one, she is attemping to locate the rare medicine needed to save her ill sister's life; in another, she is merely searching to find her lost sister. Orlha's hair likely remains parabolic in both worlds.
  • Kabu: Kabu, as predicted, is constructed entirely out of vegetables. He's said to be lazy, but fights for justice.
  • Janice: In addition to possessing an incurable infatuation with rabbits, Janice is a monster trainer employeed at a combat school.
  • Mamacha: Mamacha is the mother of Korcha, another one of Chrono Cross' playable characters.
  • Irenes: A mermaid, Irenes attacks and casts magic through singing.
  • Gilbert: Square's description paints Gilbert as a man "living with the hero's little sister." Gilbert also wrestles and guards "a hero's graveyard."
  • Grenn: Curiously, Grenn (aka Glenn) is described as the "son of a famous dragoon," and ranks as little more than a rookie soldier. While the signs all point to Glenn being an older (and human) version of Chrono Trigger's Frog, it's currently unknown why he may be a low-ranking soldier.
  • Radius: Radius is said to have been a legendary dragoon in his past -- currently, he is a village elder.
  • Lazzuly: Lazzuly, a faerie, has been given a mission to protect nature from harm.
  • Poshul: The oft-mentioned pink poodle-like dog is said to have a mysterious power lurking within her (or his) collar.
  • Angel Tumalu / Devil Tumalu: One version of Tumalu exists in each of Chrono Cross' two dimensions: one is a kind, good-natured doe-eyed creature, while the devil version, we presume, routinely harasses little old women from atop her leather-bound motorcycle.
  • Fio: Fio is a sentient half-human, half-plant genetically engineered by scientists.
  • Star Child: Last, but certainly not least, Star Child is the offspring of an alien which crashed into the planet 10,000 years ago. Capable of shifting gravitational fields, Star Child has been given the task of watching over humanity.

   Expect yet more Chrono Cross mania as the game hits Japanese retail shelves over the next few days.

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