Square confirms Chrono Cross

[07.07.99] » Release date, platform, and staff revealed. It's about time!

    At long last, Square of Japan has confirmed what the GIA had suspected for a long time: a sequel to Chrono Trigger is definitely in development. Entitled "Chrono Cross," the first solid details have finally been revealed.

   In a statement issued this morning in Japan, Square confirmed that the game is set for a Winter 1999 release on the Sony Playstation. While some fans were hoping the tentatively titled Chrono Cross would be Square's debut on the next generation Playstation 2, it appears that Chrono Trigger will remain a strictly first generation PSX affair.

   Also of note are the changes to the development team. Scenario designer Yuji Horii and character designer Akira Toriyama are not involved; Horii is busy with the upcoming Dragon Quest VII, while Toriyama and Square parted ways after Tobal 2. Instead, Nobuteru Yuuki is on board as character designer. Yuuki's previous works include the Record of Lodoss War OVAs (Original Video Animations), X: The Movie, Vision of Escaflowne, the PlayStation game Tail Concerto, and Square's own Seiken Densetsu 3. What changes this new designer will bring to the series remain to be seen.

   No plot or character details have yet been revealed, but it is expected that Crono and his companions will return in some capacity. Chrono Cross will support the Dual Shock and the PocketStation. A playable demo will be included with Legend of Mana, along with demos of Dewprism, Front Mission 3, and Vagrant Story (movie only).

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