Don't cross off Chrono Cross yet

[07.09.99] » Despite other sites' claims to the contrary, a U.S. release is still likely.

   A leading online videogames site recently speculated that Chrono Cross would not be seeing American release. Their basis for the story was Square EA's current lack of comment on the title's US release. Square EA is usually a few months behind the Japanese branch and frequently lacks comment on Japanese titles - especially immediately after the titles' announcements.

   Using this logic, one could soon conclude that none of Square's titles will see U.S. release - a clearly flawed conclusion. Square EA's silence means that the title was recently announced and they haven't yet received the "official" PR word to pass on to the media. Nothing more, nothing less. Square is known in the industry for their stonewalled PR approach. They frequently refuse to discuss a title until a formal press release has been issued and all U.S. statements have been carefully prepared. At this point, any further conclusions about a title's US release or non-release are premature.

   The site goes then went on to speculate that Square EA's silence could mean that they're working on a PlayStation 2 Chrono Trigger title for U.S. release. The GIA believes the absurdity of this statement speaks for itself.

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