First Chrono Cross details and screens

[07.09.99] » The long-awaited unveiling of the sequel to Chrono Trigger surprises fans with a new look for the series.

   After a long wait, the first screens of Chrono Cross have finally appeared. A series of Shonen Jump scans from show the game's central characters: Serge (the hero), Kid (the heroine), and Thundercats reject Yamaneko (Serge's rival; his name translates to "mountain cat" or "lynx"). Another character named Glenn is seen briefly in battle, but does not yet appear in any art -- could he be the same Glenn (aka Frog) that appeared in Chrono Trigger? While it's unlikely that the two games will have any connection, it's still an intriguing possibility.

   Game details are few and far between, but it is known that Chrono Cross will use the "Cross Sequence" battle system, likely similar to the combination attacks of Chrono Trigger. Characters will also be able to wield "element attacks;" a combination of magic and items. Graphically, the game appears extremely similar to Contrail's Legend of Legaia: three characters moving around a fully polygonal world.

   As previously reported, a playable demo of Chrono Cross will be included with the soon-to-be released Legend of Mana, with the full game arriving late in 1999.


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