08.08.99 Battle comparisons and Salamander movies More media

   One major complaint Japanese gamers and importers alike voiced after playing Square's Chrono Cross demo was that the game forced players through a lengthy battle transition full of broad camera pans and sweeps before a battle actually began. Square appears to have listened, and has cut the transition time before battles almost by half.

   The company posted a movie (available below) on its updated Chrono Cross homepage to illustrate the change, comparing the new transition to both the Chrono Cross demo and Final Fantasy VIII. The new transition takes about 12 seconds to complete, in comparison to Final Fantasy VIII's 15 seconds and the original demo's 19 seconds.

   Also available below is a summon of the fire-based Salamander seen briefly in the first released images of Chrono Cross. Kid summons the monster, which rises up from a flaming hole in the ground to wreak havoc on enemies with a fiery explosion. Finally, a third movie illustrates the difference between the two different camera styles players can select in the game.

Battle intro comparison
(no sound)
QT3, 320x224, 3.4 MB

Salamander summon
QT3, 320x224, 4.2 MB

Camera comparison
(no sound)
QT3, 320x120, 1.0 MB
Chrono Cross