05.12.00 E3: Chrono Cross impressions
   Say hello to Starky and Lynx, mate. (First English screenshots included!)
11.16.99 More Chrono Cross character / story background info
   Chrono Cross begins arriving in the hands of fortunate importers, while a number of new character and story details are revealed. (Potential spoilers.)
11.15.99 Still more Chrono Cross characters
   Angel and Devil Tumalu, a rabbit girl, a giant poodle, and some plant people -- thought Chrono Cross' characters couldn't get any weirder? Think again.
11.01.99 Chrono Cross story details
   Ties to original Chrono Trigger, Radical Dreamers elucidated. (Possible spoilers.)
10.17.99 More Chrono Cross characters
   Ayla's daughter may be one of ten new characters joining the cast.
10.08.99 Chrono Cross to feature over forty playable characters
   Not four, not fourteen, but forty playable characters. Now how much would you pay!
07.24.99 Chrono Cross interview
   An interview in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals Chrono Cross' expected length, its geographical location in relation to Chrono Trigger, the story behind the new battle system, and other gameplay details.
07.20.99 Chrono Cross story, staff revelations
   Surprising new findings reveal that Chrono Cross' storyline is borrowed from an older Square title known as Radical Dreamers. Plus, a translation of Square's Chrono Cross website reveals complete character bios, further plot details, staff comments, and the possibility of future Chrono titles.
07.16.99 Yasunori Mitsuda confirmed for Chrono Cross music
   Wonder no more: Chrono Trigger's composer is back.
07.09.99 First Chrono Cross details and screens
   The long-awaited unveiling of the sequel to Chrono Trigger surprises fans with a new look for the series
07.09.99 Don't cross off Chrono Cross yet
   Despite other sites' claims to the contrary, a U.S. release is still likely.
07.07.99 Square confirms Chrono Cross
   Release date, platform, and staff revealed. It's about time!
Chrono Cross