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   What do you get for the Final Fantasy fan who has everything? How about a replica of Squall Leonheart's leather jacket and pants? Available in a variety of sizes, this stylish ensemble will only set you back 88,000 yen -- or a mere $800. The two pieces are available separately, for the more budget-minded RPG fans out there.

   Also available are Squall's necklace, a Final Fantasy VIII Zippo lighter, and two stuffed creatures. The price rundown is:

Item Yen US Dollars (approx)
Squall's leather jacket & pants 88,000 $800
Squall's leather jacket 49,800 $450
Squall's leather pants 39,800 $350
Squall's necklace 18,000 $160
Zippo Limited Edition Lighter 15,000 $130
Master Tonberry (Pug) doll 2,000 $20
Sabotender (Cactrot) doll 2,000 $20

   Sadly, no shots of Squall's outfit were made available. Previous photos of merchandise from the Tokyo Game Show are available here.

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