03.13.99 FF VI intro movie More media

   If you've ever played Final Fantasy VI (III in the US), you owe it to yourself to brave the hefty download and check out the PlayStation remake's intro movie. The artistry behind the intro sequence is simply incredible. Multiple characters are initially portrayed before the scene shifts to Vector's Imperial base. Terra, controlled by a slave crown, marches in, flanked by Vicks and Wedge. The trio mounts the Empire's Magitek armor while Kefka looks on with a visage twisted by pure evil. Tubes flailing, the armor powers up and marches out in step, destined for the cold mines of Narshe. Simply incredible.

   Thanks goes to darklore for the spectacular capture, which is well over 3 minutes long.

MPEG, 320x240, 26.2 MB
Final Fantasy Anthology