03.15.99 FF VI ending and "opera" movies More media

   After the intro movie to Final Fantasy VI for PSX was posted a few days ago, we've been eagerly waiting to see if Square could outdo the spectacular imagery seen in the first movie. The answer? An enthusiastic "yes!" The ending movie, over 3 minutes and 30 seconds long, expands upon many of the brief images seen in the introduction movie, and adds a variety of new CG sequences, with a beautifully orchestrated and sung musical track overtop. If the 28 meg download is a little too hefty, feel free to check out 42 screen shots from the ending movie.

   The last movie from the FF VI CD is one we've loosely termed the "opera" movie. Called "Pilot" in the Omake (extras) menu, the film is a remix of various CG sequences from the intro and ending FMVs, with the vocal Aria De Mezzo Caraterre throughout. Contrary to previous reports, Final Fantasy VI for PSX does not have the opera scene rendered in CG movie format -- the intro and ending movies are the only clips normally seen in the game. Thanks to Nick for the explanation.

   Once again, a huge thank-you goes to darklore for contributing these movies.

Ending movie
MPEG, 320x240, 28.3 MB

"Opera" movie
MPEG, 320x240, 16.5 MB
Final Fantasy Anthology