12.05.00 Final Fantasy Anthology PS2 compatiblity issues
   Square's classics make the leap to a third platform which a few small hitches.
06.15.99 Final Fantasy Anthology US details
   Square reveals additional information on the collection's translation.
06.08.99 Square dodges FFIV lack flak
   Square EA official explains the reasons behind the omittance of Final Fantasy IV from North America's Final Fantasy Anthology.
05.14.99 E3: FF Anthology to include soundtrack CD
   Limited edition collection gets a little bigger.
04.07.99 Square announces 1999 release schedule
   Final Fantasy Collection and Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2 both get the nod.
03.11.99 Final Fantasy Collection released
   Square's anthology of Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI is released in Japan. A few readers offer their impressions.
02.22.99 Final Fantasy VI PSX extras
   Square's Final Fantasy VI PSX remake will include an assortment of extras, such as an in-depth development gallery, character stats, and various comprehensive strategy guides.
02.19.99 Final Fantasy Collection still U.S. bound
   Missing stories don't mean missing games.
02.19.99 Final Fantasy Collection coming to the US
   And the cheers were heard across the nation.
01.19.99 Final Fantasy Collection extravaganza
   Square releases mounds of stunningly beautiful CG screen shots from Final Fantasy VI and more.
01.13.99 Final Fantasy Collection CD, clock photos
   Yoshitaka Amano graces the front of each CD in the collection, as well as the limited-edition analog clock.
01.07.99 Square readies Final Fantasy Collection
   With FFIV, FFV and FFVI on board, a deluxe compilation of hits is scheduled for a Japanese release.
12.19.98 Final Fantasy VI CG screens
   Square's remake of the sixth Final Fantasy comes to PlayStation with some very sweet movie scenes, courtesy of Famitsu.
12.10.98 Final Fantasy VI to be re-released for PlayStation
   Final Fantasy IV and V have already been remade in Japan -- now it's the series sixth's turn.
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