Recent Reconnaissance 10.29.00

Still fighting for everlasting peace Megaman Legends 2
[10.29.00 | 12:35 PM EST | review] » Another month, another Megaman game. Read the GIA's review and browse 155 screenshots to find out if this one is a legend for the ages, or merely a legacy of shame.

Nich danced crazy! Samba de Amigo
[10.27.00 | 11:45 PM EST | review] » Live la vida Samba with the GIA's review and 75 screenshots of Samba de Amigo.

Sega cans Phantasy Star Online limited edition
[10.28.00 | 4:10 PM EST | news] » Sonic Adventure 2 demo, special VMU to see release through other means.
WildCard gets release date
[10.28.00 | 4:10 PM EST | news] » Square's portable card game to arrive early next year.
Enix confirms Torneko: The Last Hope release date
[10.27.00 | 11:55 PM EST | news] » Dragon Warrior-based random dungeon title to ship next month.
FF IX North American OST track listing
[10.27.00 | 11:55 PM EST | news] » Find out what tracks will appear on Tokyopop's FF IX soundtrack. Game spoilers.
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
[10.27.00 | 3:05 AM EST | review] » The next Zelda game has arrived, competing not only with the series' legacy, but with an entire console's launch. Read the review, check out 11 character designs, 103 screenshots, and watch two TV commercials and a cinema trailer to see whether it's a fair fight. (Hint: it is).
[10.26.00 | 2:40 PM EST | review] » Not expecting fireworks to star in a next-generation title? Check the GIA's review and see whether this original idea makes for a good game.
We are all connected to each other
[10.26.00 | 8:30 PM EST | fanfics] » In a circle, in a hoop that never ends...
[10.25.00 | 11:30 PM EST | review] » As the PlayStation 2 hits the streets, read the GIA's review to find out if launch RPGs are really a good thing after all.
Nintendo announces new release dates
[10.25.00 | 11:25 PM EST | news] » Paper Mario moves back; Pokémon Stadium GS confirmed for U.S. release.
Paper Mario
[10.25.00 | 4:40 AM EST | preview] » Mario's second RPG adventure is due out early next year. Find out what's in store in our updated preview and character designs.
Pokémon Gold and Silver artwork
[10.24.00 | 8:40 PM EST | update] » Want to see more of your favorite Pokémon? Check out the official artwork for all 100 new Gold and Silver Pokémon.
[10.24.00 | 7:55 PM EST | artwork] » This update brought to you by the S.E.D.H.J. (Society to Eliminate Dumb Hamburglar Jokes)
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask released early
[10.24.00 | 2:40 PM EST | news] » EB starts selling the latest installment in the Zelda series.
Eternal Ring
[10.24.00 | 2:55 AM EST | review] » The GIA kicks off our PlayStation 2 reviews with From Software's latest action-RPG. Get all the details (and fair warning) inside.
New Zelda GBC screenshots
[10.24.00 | 1:40 AM EST | update] » Mystical Acorn? Fruit of the Mysterious Tree? Chapter of Gaia? Whatever the game is called, we've got nine new screenshots of it. And don't miss the new story details in our recently-updated preview.
Torneko: The Last Hope box art
[10.24.00 | 1:40 AM EST | update] » Check out the U.S. box art for Enix's upcoming dungeon-based thriller.
Pokémon Gold and Silver smash sales records
[10.23.00 | 11:55 PM EST | news] » U.S. gamers catch a lot of 'em.
Square confirms Final Fantasy IX release date
[10.23.00 | 11:55 PM EST | news] » Sometime between November 13th and November 15th.
Phantasy Star Online art and screens
[10.21.00 | 3:15 AM EST | update] » This time, the new screenshots aren't the only hero: we've also got monster renders and a look at the various classes and races.
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2
[10.21.00 | 10:15 PM EST | preview] » Catch the latest on Crystal Dynamics' next-generation sequel with an updated preview, screenshots, and a new piece of art.
[10.20.00 | 11:55 PM EST | preview] » SCEA's sole PlayStation 2 launch title is also the system's first puzzle title. Watch the fireworks in movies and screenshots, or just read the preview.
Pokémon Gold and Silver
[10.19.00 | 10:35 PM EST | review] » The sequels have landed - but are they worthy of the franchise name? Find out with the GIA's review and 55 Pokémon designs.
The Legend of Zelda: The Mystical Seed
[10.19.00 | 10:35 PM EST | update] » Get the details on Link's return to portable gaming with an updated preview, 7 screenshots, and a an intro/gameplay movie.
Lunar 2 status update
[10.19.00 | 8:15 PM EST | news] » RPG sequel on target for a late November release.
Dragon Quest VII to be censored for U.S. release?
[10.19.00 | 4:00 AM EST | news] » A U.S. release is confirmed, but "strong religious content" rears its controversial head again.
Dragon Warrior III
[10.18.00 | 6:30 PM EST | preview] » The third installment of the popular RPG series goes portable; check out the first screens and a preview.
Square confirmed as Xbox developer
[10.18.00 | 5:30 PM EST | news] » Final Fantasy XI and PlayOnline service Xbox-bound.
Final Fantasy III
[10.18.00 | 2:30 AM EST | preview] » The third installment of the popular RPG series goes portable; check out the first screens and a preview.
Shadow of Memories
[10.17.00 | 4:30 PM EST | update] » Find out what the Silent Hill team has been up to in this updated preview, and 13 screenshots.
[10.17.00 | 3:30 AM EST | update] » Yu Suzuki's gift that keeps on giving continues with an updated preview, 42 English demo screenshots, and 6 character renders.
Dance Dance Revolution
[10.17.00 | 1:40 AM EST | preview] » While you can't turn into a dancing fool at home until January, you can find out what we know about Konami's first North American BEMANI game in our updated preview right now.
GIA For Kids Presents: Survival Horror Preview Generator!
[10.17.00 | 1:00 AM EST | feature] » Hey readers -- you too can write your own survival horror preview in just a few clicks! Creating your own adventure games has never been this fun and easy!
Skies of Arcadia
[10.15.00 | 10:10 PM EST | update] » An updated preview, 7 new character designs and a pair of updated commercials reveal more of Sega's promising airborne RPG.
Final Fantasy II
[10.15.00 | 5:30 PM EST | preview] » Want to find out more about the first Final Fantasy title neglected in the U.S.? Read the GIA's preview to learn what to expect when Final Fantasy II meets the WonderSwan Color.
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
[10.15.00 | 5:30 PM EST | preview] » Atlus' latest RPG is due out next month; review what's known about the title in our updated preview.
THQ announces Tetris titles for next-gen systems
[10.15.00 | 3:50 AM EST | news] » Versions for PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, and more are scheduled for Christmas 2001.
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
[10.15.00 | 2:10 AM EST | preview] » Nintendo thinks this game is good enough to stop you from buying a PS2; check an updated preview, 8 English screens, 5 pieces of character art, and a shiny gold cartridge to see if they're right
Square Millennium Collection still on track
[10.15.00 | 2:05 AM EST | news] » Square ships Volume 2 in Japan and unveils spiffy new disc art and a release date for Volume 3.
[10.15.00 | 2:05 AM EST | update] » With under two weeks until Koei's next strategy game launches with the PlayStation 2, make sure you are ready with the GIA's updated preview.
10 high-resolution Dark Cloud screens
[10.14.00 | 11:05 PM EST | update] » Come on, you know you want to look at high-resolution PlayStation 2 screens.
[10.14.00 | 8:45 PM EST | preview] » Square's SaGa series continues -- as a portable trading card game. Catch all the facts in our preview and 8 screenshots.
Shenmue Special Edition details
[10.14.00 | 2:20 AM EST | news] » Yu Suzuki's FREE to offer a freebie.
First King's Field IV movies
[10.14.00 | 2:20 AM EST | news] » See From's latest PS2 action-RPG in motion.
Final Fantasy Movie
[10.14.00 | 1:50 AM EST | update] » Our preview for the Final Fantasy movie has been updated with story, character, and script information. Hate reading? Try the full trailer in official and unofficial flavors, or stare at breathtakingly high-resolution magazine scans.
Box Art: Turbo Hyper Super Millennium Champion Edition EX plus Gamma Sigma Beta
[10.13.00 | 5:45 PM EST | update] » New and updated box art for Pokémon Gold and Silver, EverGrace, Grandia II, Eternal Ring, and Hey You, Pikachu!
Kessen 2
[10.13.00 | 4:30 PM EST | preview] » Read the GIA's preview of KOEI's strategy sequel for the PlayStation 2, then revel at 20 screens, 1 video clip, and 3 character design renders.
8 high-resolution Final Fantasy IX character renders
[10.13.00 | 4:15 PM EST | update] » You're seen then before, but have you seen them this big?
Interview with Game Freak
[10.13.00 | 4:00 PM EST | news] » Pokémon creators discuss capture theory.
You're on the list
[10.13.00 | 12:35 AM EST | artwork] » A message from the Disciplinary Committee.
Front Mission coming to the WonderSwan Color
[10.12.00 | 11:55 PM EST | news] » Another Square franchise makes its way to that "other" handheld.
Seamus Blackley talks Xbox
[10.12.00 | 3:50 AM EST | news] » Microsoft's Director of Advanced Technology for Xbox was recently at Stanford University. So was the GIA. Find out Microsoft's stance on dance pads, mahjongg, and yes, Square.
Hey You, Pikachu
[10.12.00 | 1:45 AM EST | update] » Hey you, GIA reader! Check out the English version of Nintendo's voice recognition title with an updated preview, 26 screenshots, and 4 gameplay movies
Sega giving away copies of Eternal Arcadia
[10.12.00 | 12:40 AM EST | news] » Next Famitsu to include "trial" version of Sega's latest RPG.
Final Fantasy Movie gains subtitle
[10.11.00 | 11:20 PM EST | news] » The new name lies within.
Resident Evil 2 & 3, Dino Crisis headed to Dreamcast
[10.11.00 | 5:00 AM EST | news] » Super Dino Evil Crisis II Turbo Champion Edition expected to follow.
Phantasy Star Online
[10.11.00 | 1:20 AM EST | update] » Read the GIA's updated preview as Sega takes their classic RPG series into a brave new online world.
Revelations: Persona
[10.10.00 | 11:55 PM EST | vault] » Be your true mind with a Revelations: Persona retrospective, 324 screenshots, 131 "Analyze" screenshots, character designs, box art, walkthrough, and Persona rankings list.
December Japanese release schedule revealed
[10.10.00 | 9:20 PM EST | news] » Dark Cloud, Phantasy Star Online, Seven, and more squeeze into 2000.
Pokémon Gold and Silver to ship early?
[10.10.00 | 8:25 PM EST | news] » Pokémon madness may hit stores as soon as tomorrow.
Digicube announces new Final Fantasy IX soundtrack disc
[10.10.00 | 8:25 PM EST | news] » New tracks rumored to include Uematsu's self-produced karaoke-remix of P.O.D.'s "Rock the Party."
Slender Time Sweet Diet: Week Three
[10.09.00 | 11:10 PM EST | features] » Passing the halfway point.
Ogre Battle 64
[10.09.00 | 6:05 AM EST | review] » Can one game fill an entire system's RPG void and be a worthy sequel? Find out with the GIA's review, 83 battle/prologue screens, 18 introduction screens, and 11 character class screens. Spoiler-free, for your protection.
Pokémon Puzzle League
[10.09.00 | 6:05 AM EST | review] » Either watch this gameplay movie or read the GIA's review to find out why Pokémon Puzzle League is not only the cutest puzzle game ever created, but the best.
Bionic Commando
[10.08.00 | 1:00 PM EST | vault] » Looking for "Top Secret" information? The GIA has both your answer and 132 screenshots in our comprehensive retrospective of this NES classic.
Final Fantasy IX Consumer Demo Day Impressions
[10.08.00 | 2:05 AM EST | news] » Final Fantasy fans unfamiliar with "law of diminishing returns."
Dragon Warrior III GBC gets a release date
[10.07.00 | 2:00 AM EST | news] » Enix sets up the clash of the portable titans in Japan this December.
Onimusha: Warlords
[10.06.00 | 2:20 AM EST | update] » Wondering how Capcom's console-hopping, horror adventure is coming along? Check out the GIA's updated preview and 5 new character renders.
Shenmue 2 drops from sight
[10.05.00 | 11:55 PM EST | news] » With troubles plaguing developer AM2 and Sega's webpage mum, the future of Yu Suzuki's second gift looks grim.
Final Fantasy IX pirate artwork
[10.05.00 | 11:10 PM EST | update] » Amano makes even unwashed brutes look elegant.
Square Millennium Collection in trouble?
[10.05.00 | 9:20 PM EST | news] » Next wave of bonus-laden rereleases in limbo.
Valkyrie Profile
[10.05.00 | 6:30 PM EST | review] » Afflicted by delusions of grandeur? The GIA's review of Enix and tri-Ace's Valkyrie Profile explains being a god isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Complete English PokÚdex revealed
[10.04.00 | 11:50 PM EST | news] » ~Gamers, gamers, gamers caught them all!~
Final Fantasy IX U.S. soundtrack revealed
[10.04.00 | 11:35 PM EST | news] » Get excited with the exclusive details of Tokyopop's U.S. soundtrack release: the new title, how many tracks, how much, the cover art, a U.S. exclusive extra track and much more.
Softmax confirms Rhapsody of Zephyr for Dreamcast
[10.04.00 | 11:00 PM EST | news] » Korean based company set to bring award-winning RPG to the Dreamcast.
You're weak, just like me!
[10.04.00 | 9:30 PM EST | artwork] » But can you defeat my Saikyo style?
Skies of Arcadia hands-on impressions, limited edition packaging
[10.04.00 | 5:00 AM EST | update] » Can airships and adventure power Sega's latest RPG? The GIA finds out with hands-on gameplay impressions. One thing's for certain, though: the limited edition packaging goes above and beyond.
Dragon Warrior I+II
[10.04.00 | 5:00 AM EST | review] » Old school is back in session -- read the GIA's review to see if Enix's 2-in-1 rerelease makes the grade. Peruse 6 character designs and 13 monster designs while you're at it, even if none can compare to the slime.
5 Eternal Darkness screenshots
[10.04.00 | 5:00 AM EST | update] » If we didn't keep them separated, the 5 Eternal Darkness screenshots would probably eat the 5 Pokémon Stadium screenshots.
Pokémon Stadium Gold/Silver/Crystal release date set
[10.04.00 | 5:00 AM EST | news] » Latest barrage of cuddliness to land in Japan in December--but 5 new screenshots are here today.
Lufia: The Legend Returns delayed
[10.03.00 | 2:35 AM EST | news] » Three remaining fans begin to suspect RPG sequel is "only a cruel trick."
RPG Maker
[10.03.00 | 2:30 AM EST | review] » Looking for a customizable "system"? RPG Maker's lets you create an entire game from scratch. But does unlimited freedom have a price? Find out how your wares will fare with the GIA's comprehensive review.
Mission Logs
[10.03.00 | 2:30 AM EST | saved games] » After a six-month hiatus, the GIA's saved game archive returns with a vengeance. Peruse over thirty new Dex Drive saves--then learn how to submit games you make with RPG Maker!
Sakura Taisen 3 delayed
[10.03.00 | 12:30 AM EST | news] » Sega's mech strategy / dating sim sequel moves to 2001.
Dark Cloud
[10.02.00 | 5:15 AM EST | update] » Get the full gameplay scoop on the PS2's most promising RPG with our comprehensive preview, a CG model of the hero, and 3 new screens.
42 high-res Final Fantasy IX screens
[10.02.00 | 5:15 AM EST | update] » Bask in the glory of 42 high resolution screens from Square's final PSX epic.
Fire Emblem 64 officially cancelled
[10.02.00 | 1:00 AM EST | news] » Yet another RPG that began life on the 64DD goes to that bulky drive in the sky.
Double Agent
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GIA For Kids Presents: Survival Horror Preview Generator!
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Parallel Universe
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We are all connected to each other
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